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Kristin helped me change jobs, negotiate a higher salary, build savings, and got me on track for hitting future goals! I never knew a money coach could help me with all of this. I’m eternally grateful for her and Bolder!

member for
1.5 Years

I came to Bolder looking to rebuild and get on track for my retirement.

I’m older and feared that a recent life change would keep me working until I was 100, but there were other options that Jessica helped me understand and plan for.

I’ve been able to accomplish MORE than the initial goals I set up with her, and am in a phase of getting accountability for spending, saving, and planning for new goals I’m wanting for now!

member for
2 years

I found a coach that just gets me, the money therapist I never knew I needed! I love Jen’s approach.

She helped me create a holistic plan for my money that makes me feel proud and excited for my everyday and future!

member for
2 months