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Claire taught me about my boundaries and how I need to advocate for myself more. I’m learning how to focus on my needs first.

After 1 year here, I’ve made huge personal life changes, got a new job with a much higher pay, built my savings, and paid off my debt.

Thanks Claire for pushing me in a very loving way!

member for
1 year

I’ve hired other financial services before to help put a plan together for my partner and I, but we would never stick to it. Then we’d fight about it. We never made progress.

Emily’s guidance and accountability has helped us create very short-terms goals towards our longer-term goals, which is what we needed!

Now I can see the progress we’re making and my partner is more willing to cooperate because of that. So thankful for Emily!

Jaime & Martin
member for
18 months

I feel amazing when I talk to Kimberly about money. I used to be shy and timid about it because I’ve made lots of mistakes I’m not proud of. After meeting with Kimberly for my onboarding call I felt so much relief. I felt like someone finally got it. THIS is how money should be approached. Love it. I’ve been with her for almost a year and have my emergency buckets funded, less than $2k of debt left to pay, am on track to max out my retirement savings for the year, take a 2 month sabbatical from work, and I’m just getting started.

member for
11 Months