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So, if you’re confused about what you should be doing, or wondering what everyone else is doing, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s figure out the right money moves for you.
What do you really, really want?
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How does money make you feel?
Which of these emotions best describes your current feelings about money?
How confident do you feel about your personal finances?
1 = not at all
5 = it's all under control
How stressed or anxious do you feel about your personal finances?
1 = not worried at all
5 = the struggle is real
Let’s pause for a second.
Let’s take two deep breaths.
We know we’re getting heavy, but here’s the thing: money is emotional. Don’t worry, we know exactly how to help you find financial peace of mind. 🧘
Alright, let's dig into the numbers
We just need to understand how you're doing, no judgement here 😌
What's your annual income?
Combine your salary and any other income you might have.
How much do you currently have in savings?
Give us a rough estimate. Think different accounts, separate from any retirement savings.
How much have you saved for retirement?
In your 401K or any other retirement accounts
OK, let's take another moment.
You are worth more than how much money you’ve made or saved — seriously. Our self-worth is often reduced to a single number 😏  That's just not right and it’s exactly what we’re here to fix.
Credit cards
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they're important.
They help us when we need extra spending power, not to mention all those sweet miles and points 🛫
That said, how much credit card debt do you have?
Across all your credit cards
Which of the following do you have?
We'll deal with debt
If you get a pit in your stomach when the topic of debt comes up, just know you're not alone. We can help you get it under control — however big or small 💪
We’re almost done… promise!
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