Debunking Myths about Money Coaching

Amy S.
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What is money coaching like, really? We're debunking some of the myths about what it's like to receive personalized financial guidance from a financial coach.

Remember our #nofilter promise, to talk about money openly?

Let's do it.

Right now, let's debunk some of the myths about money coaching that our members believed to be true before joining us.

Myth #1: money coaching takes up a lot of time 

Where this myth comes from: Historically, financial guidance has meant spending hours in face-to-face sessions with an expert who only helps you during those sessions. So to make progress, you had to meet for 1-2 hours every week to get things done. 

The #nofilter truth: We ask our Bolder Members to set aside just 30 minutes a week to take steps towards improving their finances. 

And because our coaching is chat-based📲, when and where you make progress is totally up to you. Easy peasy 🍋

Myth #2: I'll let my money coach down if I don't make progress fast enough

Where this myth comes from: Financial experts often share results from their clients (ourselves included) to show that coaching is effective, and really works (it does)!  But these numbers can sometimes make people looking for financial guidance worry that they won't be able to achieve the same level of success at the same speed.

(We put so much financial pressure on ourselves, amiright!?😭)

The #nofilter truth: Your progress deserves to be celebrated no matter how long it takes you.

 Our Bolder Money Coaches are just as thrilled to work with members who take months learning how to spend with intention as they are members who can pay off $180,000 worth of debt in 2 months (true story). 

So take the pressure off, and ignore anyone who tells you otherwise. 

Myth #3: Money Coaching is for the elite, who want to level up even more

Where this myth comes from: We tend to think of coaching as something that elite athletes and executives do, to level up so they can advance even further. Likewise, when most people think of financial help, they imagine a financial advisor in a suit, helping people with money to invest perform better in the stock market.

The #nofilter truth: Money coaching should be accessible to everyone.

Financial advisors do help the 'elite' - and financial coaching developed to help those who want to someday be investing, but need help getting there. It doesn't matter if you are neck-deep in credit card debt, struggling to set aside a little savings every paycheck, or doing okay financially but overwhelmed about how to have money conversations at work: a money coach can help.

Myth #4: "I need to clean up my financial house before I start money coaching"

Where this myth comes from: We are a society that cleans before the housekeeper comes, or puts toys away before our friends who also have little kids bring them over to destroy it anyways. We are embarrassed by imperfection, especially when it comes to money!

The #nofilter truth: Most of us were never taught about money, so we can't be expected to have things in order before we get help.

Our Bolder Money Coaches take a judgement-free approach to money, meaning they know how shameful it can feel to not be as far along financially as you'd like, and they will never, ever judge you for your circumstances. In fact, most of our coaches have been there themselves, paying off a combined hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and learning how to coach people to do better with money because they know that financial shame and overwhelm feels like.

So don't clean up your financial house before you sign up with a money coach - we'll do it together.

Myth #5: Financial guidance is expensive

Where this myth comes from: Financial planning and advising usually requires a fee that is at least 1% of assets under management (AUM), and a minimum AUM of $100-300,000. Financial coaching has pricing that is generally set by the individual coach, and can range from $100 - $700 per hour.

The #nofilter truth: Bolder Money makes personalized financial guidance accessible to everyone.

Working with a Bolder Money Coach will cost you between $62-82 a month for weekly check-ins and guidance from a real, human coach. We've innovated the way you receive financial support without losing effectiveness, so our members can finally get the help they deserve. And it works: we see an average net worth increase of 5x - 10x the initial investment in a Bolder Money Coach.

*spoiler alert* We're launching our $15/month service later this fall - get on the waitlist here!

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