Our Story

We’re on a mission
to make money
more human

Before we were a team, we were part of a system in need of change.
We grew tired of financial jargon, of feeling anxious about our own money, and of looking for help in an industry that thrives off confusion.

Money made us sad and anxious.

It’s why we were stuck in that shitty job, and why that toxic relationship seemed secure. 😣
It’s why we never thought we could get out of student debt, or buy a house like our Boomer parents. 😏
Instagram made us think everyone had tons of money. Robinhood made us think everyone made millions off TSLA. And Amazon made it easy for us to constantly spend it. 💸
Our dad’s financial advisor made us feel stupid, young and poor. We felt too ashamed to tell our parents about our bank balance, and bored out of our minds anytime we heard about retirement planning. 😴
Woman crying on a blue background
So, we started Bolder, because money shouldn’t hold us back, it should set us free.
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Humans first, coaches second.

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Speaking of we...

Siddharth Singh

CO-Founder & CEO
Like most people, Sid has always had a complicated relationship with money. But when he saw his closest friends and family sacrificing their wellbeing for money, or staying in jobs and relationships they hated because of 'security', he knew there had to be a better way.

Sid has spent the last few years working with the biggest financial services companies, seeing first-hand how they work to keep people in a cycle of confusion, anxiety and debt.

Sid is now on a mission to make guidance around money simple and human.

Amy Schultz

Amy is the Head Money Coach at Bolder. She began her career helping companies manage wealth but became a money coach after recognizing how people in her life needed a more practical and human approach to money management.

As a Certified Money Coach, Amy utilizes a powerful psycho-dynamic coaching model that combines practical financial guidance with sound coaching principles to help you deeply explore, understand and transform your relationship with money.

Amy is passionate about helping people gain a deeper understanding of the unconscious behaviors, patterns, and beliefs around money that prevent them from building the life they love.