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The Bolder Difference

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Join Bolder Money and empower your financial future.
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Built by Money Experts, for Humans

We know what it takes to take control of your finances, and build a healthy relationship with money.
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Join a Powerful & Supportive Community

Get access to our community of Financial Counselors and Money Coaches with weekly group coaching sessions.
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Your personal money playbook

Get access to our exclusive money playbook, with over 100 thoughtful, and actionable exercises to help you make smart money moves.
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Your own personal AI money coach

Learn about money, get thoughtful guidance, powered by our AI money coach - Ember, ask anything, and understand your next money move.
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Understand the emotional side of money

Understand where you spend your money, and track whether money gives you joy, or pain.
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All your financial accounts in one place

Bolder syncs with over 13,000 banks and institutions, giving you a complete and up-to-date view of your entire financial picture.
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Track progress on your financial goals

Track all of your financial goals and create a plan to achieve them. If you get off track, no problem! We'll always help you get back on track when life happens.

Work with our expert Money Coaches

Want more help, and support? Upgrade to work with our certified money coaches, who know exactly what to do, and how to help.
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Spend with intention, so you stay on track

Setup a budget to automatically monitor yourspending and stay on track with your goals.
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Security you can trust

Bolder protects your data with bank-level security. Your login details are never stored and access to your accounts is limited to read-only, we cannot move your money.
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