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Malika has helped kept me afloat since I’ve joined.

I am slowly digging myself out of a huge hole with my finances and she helps me get through the day to day, plan, but also have sights set on the future and what I can do with my money.

It’s inspired me to change jobs to get paid more, and reign in my spending. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

member for
3 months

Julya helped me understand my loans down to a T and helped me set up payment plans that work with my income!

I avoided them ever since graduating, but I feel at ease thanks to her guidance!

member for
2 months

Julya just knows how to get on your level! She’s so relatable and VERY smart.

I never feel overwhelmed working on my money with her. I have a solid plan for my finances now, and have made huge strides! Like emergency money and paying off tons of debt. Forever grateful for my coach!

member for
1 year