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Brittany helped me get stable after a relationship ended. I had relied on that person for my financial stability and built nothing for myself. She got me to figure out what my dream life looked like and so far I’m super organized, have saved over $3k, opened lots of different savings accounts, and have started paying off my debt!

member for
2 months

Working with Emily is amazing. It's going to take me a while to pay down my debts, but I have a plan for doing so that makes me feel motivated and empowered. Most importantly, it's not a plan that makes me feel deprived or ashamed.

When an expense comes up, I have a plan for addressing that want or need. I don't feel stuck or overwhelmed. This is all thanks to Emily's guidance and encouragement. She is a financial rock star, and she makes me feel like one, too!

Carolyn L.
member for
4 months

I just paid off the credit card and it feels good. I am trying not to think of the money I wasted the last few months not paying it off and losing track of when they would charge APR. I appreciate you so much! AND I wanted to let you know you have been so helpful and I am so grateful for you.

Megan D.
member for
1 year