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I never thought I could own property, Malika showed me that it was possible and has been guiding me towards owning a property!

I can see my future, and am now focusing on my short term goals to get me there.

member for
7 months

Malika has helped kept me afloat since I’ve joined.

I am slowly digging myself out of a huge hole with my finances and she helps me get through the day to day, plan, but also have sights set on the future and what I can do with my money.

It’s inspired me to change jobs to get paid more, and reign in my spending. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

member for
3 months

Julya helped me understand my loans down to a T and helped me set up payment plans that work with my income!

I avoided them ever since graduating, but I feel at ease thanks to her guidance!

member for
2 months

Julya just knows how to get on your level! She’s so relatable and VERY smart.

I never feel overwhelmed working on my money with her. I have a solid plan for my finances now, and have made huge strides! Like emergency money and paying off tons of debt. Forever grateful for my coach!

member for
1 year

Annie has really helped me get on the right track with money!

She’s energizing, clear, patient, and knowledgable.

I dreaded looking at my money before coaching, and now it’s actually...fun...I even look forward to it!

member for
1 year

I was so lost with my money before I started working with Annie. She gave me a clear path, motivates me to spend less, and put money towards my goals.

Now I’m making progress...that’s something I wasn’t able to say before!

member for
6 months

How does Bolder work?

At Bolder, we connect you with a community of experienced money coaches who are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals.

Our mission is to create the wealthiest generation of Americans, and we work with our clients to develop the necessary skills and mindset to make positive financial changes and to build a sustainable plan for their future.
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