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Money can make us feel angry
Does anyone know what an ETF, NFT, 401k, 529 is? 🤔
Where’d all my money go? 💸
I want to leave my job, but I can’t afford to 😒
I wish someone taught me how to money instead of algebra 😏
Is it Instagram or is everyone actually this rich?
Can someone who isn't a finance bro explain investing to me?
Is it Instagram or is everyone actually this rich?
Every time I want to ask for a raise, I break out in hives.
Does anyone know what an ETF, NFT, 401k, 529 is? 🤔
We have 2 kids and we’ve been married for 10 years. But when it comes to money, we’re still just financial roommates. 👨👩👧👧
My parents had a house, 2 kids and a retirement fund in their 30s. I’m still living with roommates. 🤦♀️
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Source: National Financial Educators Council estimates 2020
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