Bolder Women: To new adventures and living your dream

Georganna Silvia
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My 2 cents πŸͺ™

You're not alone when it comes to struggling with money β€” but there are easy fixes.

My dream is to escape the 9 to 5 πŸ”

I'm a corporate communications specialist but I want to escape the 9 to 5 so I can travel the world in a converted ambulance! #vanlife

Money worries were holding me back from living the way I wanted β€” but I knew if I had enough savings, I could travel and work from anywhere.

When your childhood lessons are holding you back 😏

I knew my issues with money went a lot deeper than just needing a budget or paying off my debt.

I was hardwired early on that you should be grateful for what you have, because it can easily be taken away. That was my relationship with money, or my money story, but that’s all changing now.Β 

The power of my money circle ✊

The bi-weekly money meetups have been so eye-opening. Hearing from other women and realizing I'm not alone in my money struggles has helped unearth money lies I've been telling myself. It’s also helped to heal past wounds and give me the energy I need to take the next steps. Most importantly, I’m learning that I can ask for what I need and go out and get it!Β 

Now, I’m in the driver's seat 🚐

In two months, I've been able to begin paying down my debt, start a separate savings account and figure out a plan to get me to my plan for #vanlife.

I used to feel clueless about money. Now I feel in control.


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