How to Save for Your Goals in 4 Easy Steps

Amy S.
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Saving can seem difficult, where should you begin, which accounts to choose from, and how much to save.

Have you started saving for your goals yet? 💥

I know setting up a new savings account can seem time-consuming and overwhelming, thanks to the millions of articles out there about choosing the right account.

But getting started doesn't have to be so hard.

Right now, we're going to walk you through our very simple process for opening the best savings account for your goal.

Ready? Let's go.

1. First, identify what to save for 🛬

It's best to set aside a separate savings account for dedicated goals, like your emergency fund, an upcoming trip, a wedding, kids' expenses, or whatever you need or want extra funds for!

2. Next, identify when you'll need the money 📅

In a few months? In a few years? Get as specific as possible.

3. Then, use our easy peasy 🍋 flow chart to identify which type of account is right for your timing 👇🏽

4. Now that you know your type, open one of the recommended accounts below👇🏽

Select one of the recommended accounts below, click on the link, and open your account!  

💰High Yield Savings Accounts (HYSA)

(All accounts below have no fees or minimum balances)

CapitalOne360 Performance Savings

3.40% savings rate, can have multiple accounts for different savings goals

Ally Online Savings

3.40% savings rate, can have multiple 'buckets' for different goals within one account

Marcus by Goldman Sachs

3.30% savings rate, able to transfer funds within the same day in an emergency

💰Certificate of Deposit (CDs)

Marcus by Goldman Sachs

4.75% annual return for an 18 month term, $500 minimum balance

Bread Savings

4.50% annual return on 1-5 year terms, $1500 minimum balance


4.30% annual return for 1-5 years, $2500 minimum balance

Final Word

So, what are you waiting for, giving your money a purpose is the simplest way to ensure you spend, and save with intention, and achieve your goals sooner. For anything else, sign up below to speak with your money coach.

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