Schemes and Programs to Look into when you’ve been Laid off

Claire C.
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Losing your job can be a difficult and stressful time, but working with a financial coach can help you navigate the challenges and make a plan for your future.

Losing a job can be a devastating experience, leaving you feeling lost and unsure of what to do next. Fortunately, a money coach can provide valuable guidance and support as you navigate the job search process. A money coach will work with you to develop strategies to improve your financial situation, as well as provide the tools, resources, and coaching needed to help you find a job quickly. In this blog post, we'll discuss schemes and programs you might be eligible for.

When someone has been laid off, there are a number of different schemes and programs that they may be eligible for to help them manage their finances and find new employment. Some of the most common include:

i. Unemployment insurance

This is a government-funded program that provides temporary financial assistance to individuals who have lost their job through no fault of their own. Eligibility and benefits vary by state, but typically, individuals can receive a portion of their previous income for a period of time while they are looking for new employment.

ii. Job search assistance programs

Many states offer job search assistance programs that provide resources and support for individuals who are looking for a new job. This may include career counseling, job search workshops, and access to job listings and job fairs.

iii. Training and retraining programs

Some states offer training and retraining programs for individuals who have lost their job and need to acquire new skills to find employment in a different field.

iv. Health insurance

COBRA allows employees to continue their employer-sponsored health insurance coverage for a period of time after they lose their job, but it can be costly. There are also options like Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act that can help with health coverage.

v. Rent or mortgage assistance

Some states and local organizations offer financial assistance to help individuals pay their rent or mortgage when they are facing financial hardship.

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It's important to check with your state's government website or the Department of Labor to find out what programs are available in your area and what the eligibility requirements are. Additionally, talking to a financial coach can help you understand your options and make the best decisions for your situation.

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