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Bolder combines personal money coaching with the resources you need to build wealth, and reach your financial, and life goals faster.

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Your money coach is your person. They guide you, help you get unstuck, and make sure you crush your goals 💪
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We’ll give you the tools and expert sessions to help you level up.
We help you build a powerful and healthy
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Paydown, and stay debt free
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We combine practical financial guidance with behavioral and emotional support to help you achieve your goals.
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Go farther, Bolder
“Working with Bolder Money helped me get my finances in order, and gave me the confidence to quit, and focus on my startup idea, and go on my own for a bit.

‍I just gave notice, and I can’t be more excited!”
Product Manager, NY
“I put so much pressure on myself, questioning my self-worth for why I deserved a raise...but I didn’t realize that I needed more than facts to make my case.

‍Working with my money coach helped me to understand how to think and talk about money at work, and also helped me to build my financial confidence, all while putting a plan in action to get my raise”
Designer, Denver
“My coach helped me go from being anxious, clueless, and having a scarce view of money to one of abundance, understanding, and gratitude.

Coaching helped me to build savings for my different goals, and also helped me realize how capable I am of paying off my law school debt.”
Lawyer, Dallas
What the FAQ?
What is Bolder? Who is Bolder for?
We are a team of personal coaches that help people money intentionally, so they can live that way too. We work with people to overcome the emotional roadblocks that come with money, set financial goals, and achieve them.

We are for anyone who needs help navigating the emotional and confusing rollercoaster that is money.
Who is a Money Coach? What is Money Coaching?
Our coaches are certified experts trained in both the behavioral and personal finance side of money. They’ll help you understand your relationship with money, organize your financial life, help you identify and build your life goals, and establish and uphold personalized habits and behaviors around money.

Money coaching is about helping you achieve your financial and life goals, by addressing both the numerical side of personal finance (i.e. how much you should save, what to prioritize, how to budget), and the behavioral side of money (i.e. why you might struggle to save, how to build healthy habits around money, or how to overcome the stress around financial decisions).
How is a Money Coach different from a Financial Advisor?
Financial Advisors are more like money managers. They help you understand your investment options and help you pick the right investments for your portfolio. They generally take on clients with a minimum amount of wealth, meet you a few times a year, and often have complex fee structures.

Unlike a financial advisor, our Money Coaches don’t handle your money, and won't provide investment recommendations. Rather, they do the more important work of helping you face the emotional and behavioral challenges you may face, while pursuing your life and financial goals. They’ll be with you as often as you need to provide insight, knowledge, support, encouragement, accountability, and actionable tools to help you make informed decisions.
I want to sign up! How do I get started?
Start by taking the Money Quiz here. From there, you’ll be able to sign up for monthly coaching. 
How does coaching work?
When you sign up, you’ll be paired with your personal Money Coach. They will work with you to understand your full financial picture, and help you define key goals and outcomes.

Your coach will be available to you by text. They’ll check in with you regularly, give you guidance on what to do and when, and ensure that you’re on track while helping you stay motivated!

You’ll also be invited to monthly group-coaching calls to work on other money issues. It’s a great opportunity to meet others in the community.
What’s included in my membership?
Your membership to the service includes:
• Unlimited 1-on-1 money coaching via text
• Your personal financial to-do list
• Regular group coaching calls with others in our community
• Access to the exclusive online community and messaging channels
• Regular money masterclasses on everything from investing to taxes and crypto
What types of goals does Bolder help clients tackle?
We think of financial goals and life goals as one and the same. We’ll help you with goals and decisions including:
• How to get out and stay out of debt
• Get the raise at work, and make sure you understand your equity and other forms of compensation
• Quit you job, to focus on your side hustle or building your startup
• Financial moves you need to make to start and support your family
• The right money moves to help you if you’re going through a divorce or relationship issues
• How to save for and buy your first house or build your real estate portfolio
• Learn and start investing and building wealth
• Make sure you’re financially secure and can support family when needed
• Retire early, and live on the beach

And anything else you’re looking to achieve!
Is my information secure and private?
Yes! All your information is managed in accordance with local information security requirements and anything you share with your coach is confidential.
How long does it take to improve my financial wellbeing?
We work at your pace. We’ll push you if you want us to, or back off if you want to take it easy. That said, we typically see our clients benefit from 3-4 months of coaching. That’s when they’re able to get financially organized, build a healthy relationship with money and start achieving their goals.
What’s your refund/cancellation policy?
You can cancel your membership at any time, and the service will be available to you until the end of that billing period.
Don’t see the answer to your question?
Reach out to us at