5 Ways to Feel Better About Spending During the Holidays

Amy Schultz
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Don't let the holidays get you down, here are some top tips ✌️

1. Remember we’re meant to splurge this time of year! 🎁

This is why we saved, and what’s better than spending on friends and family, to celebrate them and the holidays. 

So be understanding of your expenses and don’t be too harsh on yourself.

2. Make your list, stick to it 🤓

Lists, we love ticking things off them, make it a game, see if you can stick to it.

It’s so easy to be spontaneous and sometimes we splurge on something unplanned. That’s ok, it’s about recognizing when we get swept up in emotional spending, and just being a little more aware.

3. Spend on making memories 👩👩👦

Remember why we buy gifts, why we go to holiday parties, and why we celebrate this time of year. It’s a moment to take a break, and celebrate you and your loved ones.

So, spending on things that bring your family closer together, it’s the law, do it!

4. Prepare for the future 👉

As you round up the year, remember that the new year is round the corner, and it’s a time to recommit to your goals, and to yourself.

So, know that whatever happens this month, you’ll get back on track soon.

5. You’ve got a friend in us 📲

Feeling a little low, stressed about the holidays, or just behind and off track?

Come talk to us!

Remember, you don’t have to figure out your finances alone. Set up a quick call with a coach, and join our community that will support you through your financial transformation. 

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