Bolder Women: To taking control of your life

Sharyn Lowenkamp
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Sharyn paid off $10,000 in debt, saved thousands for her emergency fund, and secured additional income doing what she loves.

My 2 cents 🪙

Most Americans can’t cover a $500 emergency - and I used to be one of them. I now believe anyone can achieve financial freedom, with the right guidance.

Life Happens 💥

Once I became a single mom, I recognized that my fearful relationship with money was preventing me from building a secure financial future for my family, and came to Bolder to face my debt and lack of savings head on.

When avoidance is running the show 😏

My previous approach to money involved swiping my card and never checking my bank account. Money was a mystery, and I didn’t have good role models to show me that I can be in control.

Facing the facts, head-on ✊

Having my coach as an accountability partner and cheerleader has helped me take control of my spending, have the courage and even look forward to checking accounts, pay my bills on time, and even feel free to splurge sometimes.

With Bolder’s organization and planning tools, along with a coach guiding me to work through my avoidance, I now know exactly where everything is going, and when. I know how to plan ahead for pay day, and make sure money is moving towards my goals.

Financial independence for generations 💪

I paid off a $10,000 loan, built up my emergency savings, and secured a higher-paying job. As a bonus, I knew I had a passion for theater, and got a side job helping out so I could experience all the shows for free, and earn some extra income. 

I feel confident that I’ll be able to manage my finances effectively in the future, and will pass that skill set along to my adult children - along with the wealth I’m building.

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