Financial Coaching is Money Magic - and It Should Be Accessible to Everyone

Amy S.
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Reading what you 'should' do with money is one thing, but applying it to your own life is completely different (and for many people with financial stress, much harder). The solution is personalized financial guidance - but it hasn't historically been available to everyone. Read how Bolder Money is changing that.

New research is put out every year highlighting the negative feelings Americans have about money: 

🧾90% of Americans are stressed about money

🧾73% say finances are their number one stressor 

And on and on *sigh*. 

These stats are usually coupled with advice on how to make money less stressful, and steps you can take today to make changes. 

But despite these efforts to boost financial literacy (aka knowledge about how good money management works), financial stress in America continues to rise.

Financial Literacy Isn't Enough 👀

Reading what you 'should' do with money is one thing, but applying it to your own life is completely different (and for many people with financial stress, much harder). 

There are two main reasons for the gap between financial literacy and financial action

1. Money is emotional, and the feelings we have about it, that developed all the way from childhood, can cloud our judgement and lead to avoidance and impulsivity. 

2. Your financial situation is personal, and 5 steps that work great for someone else might not be applicable to you. 

The solution is personalized financial guidance

Financial advisors have been offering personalized guidance to their clients for years, but these are individuals and families who already have wealth built up, and whose stress generally comes from investment performance, not day-to-day money management. 

Financial coaches offer personalized guidance to those of us whose main stressor is everyday financial decisions, like how to spend less and save more, how to pay off debt, and how to start investing for the first time.  These experts combine literacy and action: they're effective, and life changing. 

But this money magic hasn't been available to everyone: 💵 financial coaches can cost $100-$700 per session, and usually require multiple sessions each month to make progress. 

At Bolder Money, we're making personalized financial guidance available to everyone.

We've spent years fine-tuning our coaching program to offer effective, personalized financial guidance to everyone with chat-based financial coaching delivered by a real human, and combined with our online dashboard for in-the-moment financial insights and progress tracking. 

Our current members save an average of +$340 per month, and increase net worth by an average of +$5,000 in just a few months.

And we're not done yet. This fall, we'll launch our most innovative coaching solution yet: a money coaching platform that offers in-the-moment, personalized guidance, real-time solutions to money challenges, and weekly behavioral coaching to help you take the steps necessary to improve your financial life, all for just $15 per month. 

Join our movement to make personalized financial guidance inclusive, and accessible to everyone who needs it, and be the first to know when we launch. 

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