We're helping 1,000 women+ save $1,000

Amy S.
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Join our money challenge and get support from money coaches to save $1,000 along with a powerful community.

It's time to unlock financial success with our community challenge! 😍

In February, we took 25 women on a journey to save a total of $10,000, and they CRUSHED IT - saving a whopping $10,498 combined!

Now it's your turn...

📢We're taking 1,000 women+ on a journey to save $1,000 by 2024 - are you with us?

How amazing would it feel to not have to worry about where your holiday spending is coming from, or how you'll afford your mid-January trip to Miami?

Don't worry if you've never been able to save money, we're experts at getting first-time savers to go further than they thought possible, and we'll give you the guidance, accountability, and support you need to build savings habits that last a lifetime.

Join Us + Save

Here's what the money challenge includes:

Bolder Money financial dashboard
🗺️ Your Personal Financial Dashboard

You'll set goals, and connect bank accounts so you can easily get organized and track your savings growth.

🎯 Planned Spending

You'll set spending targets by category, so it becomes crystal clear how you'll set aside enough money each month to meet your goal by the end of the year. You'll track your spending compared to targets in real-time.

💪🏽A Powerful Money Community

Share your wins, challenging moments, and pressing money questions with the Bolder Money Community to get feedback and insights from other members and money coaches.

🚀Expert-Led Group Money Coaching Sessions

You'll meet with a group each week to get past money blocks and keep moving forward, guided by a Certified Money Coach in carefully curated group coaching sessions.  

💰The Chance to Win BIG💰

Every member who meets their challenge goal will be entered in a raffle, where one lucky winner will receive a $250 Visa gift card from all of us at Bolder!


You get an onboarding call with one of our coaches to help you get set up for success, access to daily money meditations, an on-demand personal finance content library, and your new community of money coaches and financial go-getters.

Join us in Bolder: the safe space and money guidance you need to take financial action.  

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