How This Team USA Athlete Built Financial Confidence

Amy S.
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Elite athletes have coaches to help them perform better: mentally, physically, and financially. Hear from Nicole Roundy, USA Paralympian, how her Bolder Money Coach helped her feel better about money and get back on track financially.

Nicole Roundy overcame many obstacles to follow her dream of competing as a USA Paralympian, becoming the first above the knee amputee to compete in Paralympic Snowboarding in 2006.

Getting Rid of Financial Anxiety as a Professional Athlete 💸

Nicole came to Bolder Money earlier this year to relieve the anxiety she was feeling around money.

As an elite athlete, her focus throughout her career was on performing to the best of her ability, no matter what it took - including financial sacrifices.

Not knowing if she was making the right financial choices combined with feeling like she was playing catch-up following her career as a professional athlete made Nicole's financial situation seem much worse than it actually was.

"You're doing the things you've always done, or you're trying to make little improvements, but there's no guidance. You don't actually know if what you're doing is what you should be doing."

Since joining Bolder just a few months ago, Nicole has increased her financial confidence and found savings of +$3,000.

Here's how to win (at money) like Nicole🏅

1. Set Clear Goals + Monthly Targets

Nicole's Bolder Money Coach, Malika, helped her get really clear about her financial goals and how to manage her money every month to achieve them. Nicole now knows exactly how much to put into her Goal Funds (like Travel and Home Renovation) every time she gets a paycheck.

2. Uncover + Shift Money Patterns

Nicole started tracking her spending, and she discussed with Malika where her money was going in comparison to her values and goals. They came up with ways Nicole could shift her spending behaviors to put more money towards goals that matter, and less towards things she didn't care about (or forgot she was paying for)!  

"My financial coach isn't my therapist, but she's kind of providing those benefits!"

Watch Nicole's Bolder Money Story 🎥

Elite athletes have coaches to help them perform better: mentally, physically, and financially.

No one should have to navigate their finances alone. With Bolder, your own personal financial coach is just a text away. Start your two-week free trial today.

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