Signs You Need a Money Coach

Amy Hudson
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Money is all around us, we’re spending it, we’re saving it, investing it, wishing we had more, and hoping we never run out. But most of all we’re hoping someone would help us be better with it. 

Enter, Money Coach

A money coach can help you not only with basic money management, but also help you understand the right goals for you, and then help you to achieve them. 

Here are some signs that you need a money coach

1. You’re avoiding looking at your bank account and statements 🏦

2. Thinking about money makes you annoyed, stressed, uncomfortable 😒

3. You’re feeling stuck in your job 😓

4. You’re fighting about money or feeling uncomfortable in your relationship 💔

5. You feel FOMO looking around, and listening to your friends 😏

6. You don’t know what to do with the money sitting in your bank account 💵

Be bolder with a coach

Bolder Money money coaches are certified experts, and our membership provides members with ongoing access to coaching for $49 a month. The membership includes personal text-based coaching from your coach, as well as access to a community of Bolder women all working on their money goals.

So, if you feel you need help with your money life, follow the link below to book a free call now.

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