The 25 Most Creative Ways To Give Money

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Money is one of the most popular gifts to give, but sometimes, coming up with new and unique ideas can be challenging. This blog post will share 25 creative ways to give money as a gift. These ideas will inspire you whether you are looking for something small or large. So without further ado, let's get started.

Money is one of the most popular gifts to give, but sometimes, coming up with new and unique ideas can be challenging. This blog post will share 25 creative ways to give money as a gift. These ideas will inspire you whether you are looking for something small or large. So without further ado, let's get started.

25 creative ways to give money

25 Creative Ways To Give Money

Giving money as a gift doesn’t have to be boring. There are many creative and fun ways to give money that can make the recipient feel extra special. Here are 25 of the best money gift ideas:

1. Money Bouquet

Create a bouquet of bills by rolling up different denominations of money and securing them with colorful ribbons. This is sure to be a hit.

2. DIY Piggy Bank

Turn an old cardboard box into a money holder. Cut out slots in the top of the box, add some decoration, and fill it with cash or gift cards.

3. Money Cake Pop

Bake a cake mix, let cool, and then form the individual pieces into balls before dipping them in melted chocolate or icing. Place the finished pops on sticks to make them look like lollipops. Then wrap bills around the sticks as decorations for your money gift.

4. Money Cupcake Toppers

Make cupcakes and then use bills or coins as decorations on top. 

5. Money Gifts Bag

Put all kinds of goodies in a gift bag, including cash or gift cards. This is perfect for when you want to give someone both a physical item and some spending money.

6. Money Tree

For those of you who are more crafty, putting together a money tree is a unique and creative way to give a cash gift. Using craft supplies as the trunk and branches, attach dollar bills of different denominations as the leaves.

7. Money “Chocolate” Box

A unique take on a classic box of chocolates, fill the wrappers with coins and bills that are folded in different arrangements. 

8. Money Envelope

Make a personalized envelope from construction paper, scrapbooking paper, or cardstock. Fill it with money and seal it with ribbon or washi tape.

9. Money Puzzle And Scavenger Hunt

Cut up pieces of poster board into puzzle shapes and write clues that lead to various amounts of money around the house or yard. This would be fun for all ages.

10. Fortune Cookie

Put your folding skills to the test by turning dollar bills into fortune cookies! Check out this tutorial to learn how.

11. Money Soap

Pour clear soap into molds, add coins, and then let it set. This would make for an exciting surprise for someone who wants a unique way to give money.

12. Money Origami

This is sure to be a gift people won’t want to spend. Fold dollar bills into origami shapes for a creative cash gift. Use this guide to help get you started with different ideas.

13. Money Lei

Embrace Hawaiian style with a unique take on a traditional flower lei- a money lei! Tie dollar bills on a single string or thread to make a necklace of dollar bills.

14. Money Basket

Put together a basket of goodies and cash for the perfect gift. Add small items such as candy, toys, or books, and then add money as the final touch.

15. Money Card Box

Decorate a box with embellishments like buttons, fabric flowers, or ribbons and fill it with cards containing various amounts of money.

16. Money Balloon

Fill a balloon (preferrably a clear or light colored balloon) with helium and insert dollar bills or coins before tying the end.

17. Money Pinata

Hang a pinata from the ceiling filled with candy and money. Each person will have to take turns hitting the pinata to reveal the contents.

18. Money Candy Wrapper

Wrap up a piece of candy with a bill or coin inside. The recipient will get a sweet treat and some extra cash gift too!

19. Money Puzzle Box

Make a wooden box with compartments and hide different amounts of gift cash inside each one. A money gift box would be great for someone who loves puzzles.

20. Money French Fries

Grab a french fry holder from your favorite fast food restaurant for the base of this gift. Then roll up dollar bills and fold the top to make them look like french fries. Fill up the holder with bills for a fun but non-edible treat!

21. Cold Hard Cash

Give the gift of cold, hard cash! Perfect for a white elephant gift, fill a container with water and insert coins or dollar bills before placing in the freezer. Once completely frozen, the recipient will either have to chip away at the ice or wait for it to melt to get their gift. Worries about your bills getting wet? Put them in a sealable bag before adding to the water. 

22. Money Prescription Bottle

This gift is just what the doctor ordered! Roll dollar bills and place in an empty prescription bottle. For a bit of extra fun, create a custom Rx label to print and stick to the bottle.

23. Money Mason Jar

Put cash into the bottom of a mason jar and then add colorful layers of candy or other small items on top for a fun surprise when they shake it up. Rolled-up dollar bills work best for this.

24. Money Wreath

Create a wreath out of green ribbon and attach different denominations of bills as decorations. Hang this up as festive decor, or give it as a gift.

25. Money Frame

Put a large bill or coin inside a frame for an easy and unique gift. Personalize the frame with stickers, embellishments, or paint for extra flair.

25 creative ways to give money

These creative ways to give money as a gift will make any recipient smile this holiday season. Whether you choose one of these ideas or come up with your own, giving money doesn’t have to be boring. Give something special that they will truly appreciate.

Bottom Line

Giving money as a gift doesn't have to be unoriginal. With these 25-money gift ideas, you’re sure to find something special that your recipient will love. Whether it’s a money bouquet, money mason jar, or money frame, these unique ways to give money make anyone smile this holiday season. Have fun crafting! 

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